lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

World War II General Commander

World War II General Commander | 920 MB

World War II: General Commander is an introductory war strategy game which brings a unique mix of scale, combat dynamics, and force management. An intuitive combination of rules and controls will give beginning wargamers and real time strategy fans the opportunity to simulate Germany’s famous last Blitzkrieg from either side. Evaluate the tactical situation while monitoring your overall strategy over real scale 3D maps, with high quality graphics and effects!


* Simple and intuitive control system that allows both wargaming veterans and beginners to the genre to immediately pick up the game

* Attempt a last ditch offensive or desperate defence across 14 scenarios including famous engagements like Bastogne and Operation Nordwind

* Fight with 3D units over a beautifully rendered topographic map that stretches across hundreds of miles

* A full scenario editor to create new battles – scenarios can then be used as multiplayer engagements

* An engaging blend of tactical and strategic considerations – the defense of one town can effect the flow of multiple engagements dozens of miles away

* Realistic operational maneuvers and formations

* Multiplayer support – face off against other commanders in full real time intensity

* Set rally points and withdraw areas to slowly draw down a defensive position and delay the enemy before your next line of defense

* Order air strikes and air superiority missions to turn the tide of any engagement

* Realistic weather patterns visible right on map that effect efficiency and air operations

* Issues orders at the Battalion, Regiment or Divisional levels – lower level units will follow the lead of a Battalion or Division HQ to simply command

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