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Earthworm Jim 3 pc game

Earthworm Jim

Genre: Arcade

Developer: Shiny Entertainment

Publisher: Activision

Release: smeag0l

Publication Type: license

Platform: PCa

Tablet: emulation source

Language: English only (ENG)

Size: 600 Mb

EWJ Special Edition, the adventures of the famous worm in a spacesuit,

fighting with a race of space raven was only released for the Sega CD, but after some time the publisher has decided to please owners of the PC. This version adds a new level, supplemented by the first two levels of the game, there is a new weapon and high-quality soundtracks.

Features of release:

1. Proper for expanded first level “New Junk City” (added section with Jim without a spacesuit).

2. Expanded level of “What the Heck?” (before the “Snowman”). At the end of the same level for some reason removed the backdrop during a battle with Evil the Cat. Only on a black background, while the DOS-version of the backdrop on the spot.

3. Added a whole new level “Big Bruty” with a blind carnivorous dinosaur

4. Expanded level of “Down the Tubes” (added a hidden sublevel “Andy Asteroids”).

5. Also available level of “Intestinal Distress”. He was in the original version of the game on the SEGA Genesis, but was cut in versions for the SNES and MS-DOS. In the case of the SNES-level explained by the absence of physical limitations of the cartridge memory (level of banal is not got), but its absence in the DOS-version upset many.

6. Completely redraw the screen load levels.

7. Added a new type of weapon - homing missile.

8. The entire schedule has been completely redrawn in 256 colors.

9. Added an animated pencil sketch of Jim’s title screen. It also added the inscription “Special Edition”.

Installation instructions:

1. Unpack

2. Mount image using Daemon Tools / Alcohol 120% (or write the image to disk)

3. Set game

4. Enjoy the game!

System requirements:

- Operating system: Windows 98, 2000, XP or VISTA

- Processor: with 700 MHz

- Memory: 256 GB

- Video card: GeForce 4 class (similar to ATI) or higher

- Free disk space: 1 GB

- Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card

- Management: keyboard, mouse or gamepad

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